A one-stop-shop for the tools that front offices need to organize their data and unlock insights from it. Leveraging best-in-class Cloud and Machine Learning infrastructure, we help you action insights easier and more efficiently.

Meet Gemini

The First AI Cloud Made For Sports

A platform solution that levels up systems and decision-making for roster management, tactics, player performance and more

Seamless System Integration

Simplify data ingestion, modeling, and analysis. Native services combine with tech already used daily by Fortune 500 companies to ensure that your data flows seamlessly, allowing for powerful modelling and fast decision-making. Utilize APIs to let data departments plug-and-play based on unique needs.

Data Processes

Dive into your data to get answers beyond what you have today, without today’s headaches. Semi-automated data hygiene and alignment empowers anyone to find exactly the information you want to ask the questions you need to power game-changing decisions

Model Creation

Zero computer programming required! Experiment without waiting on external assistance or getting entangled in technical dependencies: Free up analytics staff from endless backlogged requests.

Accessibility & Speed

Rapidly bring new queries to life in hours instead of weeks and gain access to interactive decision-making tools while automating away the most tedious parts of data worker’s days.

Faster Insights.
Improved Predictions.
Better Decisions.

The Team

Jake Schuster


Andrea Faria

Head of Operations

Matthew Young

Head of Business Development​

Cody Swann

Principal Engineer

Stephanie Modica

UX/UI Designer​

Ally Brabant

Head of Product​

Troy Carter

Data Architect


Josh Tomey​

COO Blackbriar Management, 5x Successful Founder​

Alec Coughlin​

VP Rams [NFL], WME, Publicis​

Eva Murray​

Lead Evangelist at Snowflake​

Cris Haskell​

3x Successful Founder, 2 Exits​

Mathieu Lacome​

Director of Sports Science, Paris St German FC

Shergul Arshad

Chief Marketing Officer​


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