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Faster Insights. Improved Predictions. Better Decisions.

Cloud-based automated machine learning to enable non-technical stakeholders and empower data scientists

Actionable. Accessible. AI Cloud.

Connect your organization’s data

Run, deploy and retrain 100s of models from cloud

Make predictions & get insights

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Fast, AI Cloud-enabled decisions made accessible, actionable, and predictive–no coding or external consultants necessary. Gemini Sports Analytics empowers stakeholders with the first sports-specific, end-to-end Automated Machine Learning tool. This helps to sign, draft, and develop players to perform their best and optimize tactics.

What We Do

Connect Systems

APIs make data ingestion easy and fast by bridging native services, third party data and our cloud-based platform

Enhance Processes

Model preparation & data hygiene without having to write a line of computer code


Our web platform is entirely in your hands - no concierge dependence

Accessibility & Speed

Automate regular processes and rapidly prototype new queries

The Team

Who Makes It Happen

Jake Schuster


Chandler Evans

Lead Engineer

Andrea Faria

Head of Operations

Mathew Young

Head of Business Development

Nate Verlin

Sr. Software Developer

Troy Carter

Data Architect

Stephanie Modica

UX/UI Designer

Derek Austin

Senior Frontend Engineer

Danny Ren

Data Scientist

Craig Jordan

Software Developer


Joshua Tomey

COO Blackbriar Management, 5x Successful Founder

Alec Coughlin

VP Rams [NFL], WME, Publicis

Eva Murray

Lead Evangelist at Snowflake

Cris Haskell

3x Successful Founder, 2 Exits

Mathieu Lacome

Director of Sports Science, Paris St German FC

Sandy Zinn

SVP Data Operations, Major League Baseball


Mathew Young Joins Gemini Sports Analytics as Head of Business Development

Gemini Sports Analytics, the first sports specific end-to-end no-code Cloud AI tool that empowers organizations to better acquire and develop players ...

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