“>Faster Insights.
Improved Predictions.
Better Decisions.

“>”>Cloud-based automated machine learning to enable non-
technical stakeholders and empower data scientists

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“>”>Actionable. Accessible. AI Cloud.

“>”>Connect your
organization’s data

“>Run, deploy & retrain
100s of models from cloud”>

“>Make predictions & get

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Fast, AI Cloud-enabled decisions made accessible, actionable, and predictive–no coding or external
consultants necessary. Gemini Sports Analytics empowers stakeholders with the first sports-specific,
end-to-end Automated Machine Learning tool. This helps to sign, draft, and develop players to perform
their best and optimize tactics.

What We Do

Connect Systems

APIs make data ngestion easy & fast by bridging native services, third party data and our cloud-based platform”>


“>Model preparation & data hygiene without having to write a line of computer code


“>Our web platform is entirely in your hands – no concierge dependence”>

& Speed

“>Automate regular processes
and rapidly prototype new

The Team

“>”>Jake Schuster


“>Andrea Faria”>

Head of Operations

Matthew Young

“>”>Head of Business

Troy Carter”>

“>”>Engineering Manager

“>Stephanie Modica”>

“>”>UX/UI Designer

“>Danny Ren”>

“>”>Data Scientist

“>Craig Jordan”>

“>Software Developer”>

“>”>Dustin Anderson

“>Frontend Developer”>

“>Mauricio Vieira”>

“>”>Senior Software

“>Felype Costa”>

“>”>Software Engineer


“>”>Jake Schuster

“>”>COO Blackbriar
Management, 5x
Successful Founder

“>Alec Coughlin”>

“>”>VP Rams [NFL], WME,

“>”>Eva Murray

“>Lead Evangelist at

“>”>Cris Haskell

“>3x Successful Founder,
2 Exits”>

“>Mathieu Lacome”>

“>”>Director of Sports
Science, Paris St
German FC

“>Shergul Arshad”>

“>”>Chief Marketing Officer


Introducing: Hugo Rios-Neto – Intelligence Engineer

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Certainly! I’m Hugo Rios-Neto, 23 years old, working

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