Gemini Sports Analytics Officially Partners With San Jose Earthquakes

Gemini Sports Analytics announced today that the San Jose Earthquakes have joined their exclusive early-partner group. Gemini provides an easy-to-use AI application helping stakeholders at teams make better, faster decisions around Talent ID, Player Development, and Health & Performance. The Miami-based startup already has investment from an EPL team owner and are working with partners across the NFL, NCAA, and UEFA.

San Jose’s fast-growing analytics operations will harness subscriptions to GSA’s AI Cloud application, accessing it’s powerful Automated Machine Learning capabilities, soccer data pipelines, and Pre-Built AI projects.

Earthquakes General Manager Chris Leitch said, “Leveraging the latest technologies is obviously a deep-rooted ethos here in Silicon Valley and core to what we are building with our analytics group at the Quakes. We are excited to be an early partner and co-creator as Gemini’s product continues to develop”.

Gemini Chief Executive Officer Jake Schuster remarked, “There are clear patterns amongst sporting organizations that are either already winning or about to be: Curiosity, openness to new technologies, and collaboration. It’s easy to cheer for the Earthquakes when they strongly embody these qualities, and I’m honored that the organization have chosen us as a technology partner”.

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