The AI Platform
for sports

Harness the power of AI without the complexity. Our cloud platform simplifies sports analytics, making it accessible for everyone, from team managers to data experts.

From the Field To the Cloud

Revolutionizing Sports Analysis

Introducing the game-changer for sports analytics:
an all-in-one AI solution that evolves with the dynamic world of sports

Elevate your Game Strategy

The Future of Sports Decision-Making

Empowering Teams with AI-Driven Insights for Game-Changing Results.

Seamless System Integration

Our sophisticated APIs are designed to simplify data ingestion. By bridging native services, third-party sources, and our cutting-edge cloud platform, we ensure that your data flows seamlessly, allowing for real-time analysis and decision-making.

Data Processes

Dive into the world of data without the complexities. Our platform handles model preparation and data hygiene in the background, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every insight. And the best part? No coding or technical expertise is required on your part.

Model Creation

Our user-friendly web platform places the power directly in your hands. Tailored to your needs, it empowers you to derive insights, make data-driven decisions, and experiment without waiting on external assistance or getting entangled in technical dependencies.

Accessibility & Speed

Automate routine processes, and rapidly bring new queries to life. Dive deep into analytics without delay.

Faster Insights.
Improved Predictions.
Better Decisions.

The Team

Jake Schuster


Andrea Faria

Head of Operations

Matthew Young

Head of Business

Troy Carter

Engineering Manager

Stephanie Modica

UX/UI Designer

Danny Ren

Data Scientist

Craig Jordan

Software Developer

Dustin Anderson

Frontend Developer

Mauricio Vieira

Senior Software

Felype Costa

Software Engineer


Jake Schuster

COO Blackbriar
Management, 5x
Successful Founder

Alec Coughlin

VP Rams [NFL], WME,

Eva Murray

Lead Evangelist at

Cris Haskell

3x Successful Founder,
2 Exits

Mathieu Lacome