Indianapolis Colts Engage Gemini Sports Analytics to Help Propel Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Indianapolis Colts today announced that the team will engage Gemini Sports Analytics to propel data-driven decision-making on and off the field to even greater heights.

Gemini helps sports teams and organizations make decisions faster and with more conviction. Gemini’s sports-specific AI Cloud and automated machine learning application helps organizations empower their decision-making processes around recruitment, player development, tactics and athlete performance. The Colts will use Gemini platforms across the entire organization, from helping the front office analyze and use data more effectively to helping the coaching staff gather useful data before games or during the offseason. Specifically, the Colts will use the technology to:

● Sharpen existing models by incorporating AI-driven machine learning architecture;
● Seamlessly integrate existing databases and projects, creating a league-leading “data lakehouse” structure; and
● Bring previously unusable data to life with effortless processing and digestion of dense sports science and tracking data, shaving hours off of any football-facing project.

“At Gemini, we are thrilled to be partnering with a team known for innovation and a commitment to excellence,” Gemini’s CEO Jake Schuster said. “As providers of the AI platform for sports, we recognize the data management challenges and opportunities that arise from the influx of new data sources in this industry. Together with the Colts, we are ready to embrace these challenges head-on and unlock the full potential of this vast trove of information.”

“Our primary objective is to empower our team and decision makers with the best information available,” said Sean Welch, Colts Director of Football Information Systems. “Gemini’s plug-and-play cloud architecture is a game-changer for us and is a unique offering in the space. We are doing more with less, allowing data scientists to address complex questions quickly and adding a tool that our football experts can engage with to advance our predictive analytics footprint.”

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