New Podcast and Episode 1 Release

Gemini is launching its first podcast! Hosted by founder and CEO Jake Schuster, the podcast will aim to discuss the world of sports, data and analytics with industry experts, focusing on innovations, current trends, and much more.

Episode One is now live with Ari Kaplan from Databricks as they discuss how sports embrace AI/ML, the value of pipelines, and how the sports industry has changed over the past few decades.

Ari Kaplan is a leading influencer in analytics, artificial intelligence, data science, and high-growth business innovation. Nicknamed “the real Moneyball guy,” the popular movie of the same name included some of Ari’s analytical ideas and scouting experiences during his time with the MLB. Trusted at the highest level with analytical implementations across industries, Ari is at the practical forefront of advanced AI/ML and working to continue his innovative success at Databricks.

Listen to the new episode here! Winning With Data



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