Winning With Data Episode 5: David “Gonzo” Gonzalez, The AI Shaman

Episode 5 with David González is live!

David “Gonzo” González
has well over a decade of experience putting AI and ML into production in mission-critical systems. Currently working on a stealth startup in the psychedelics space, he previously co-founded, acquired in 2020 by DataRobot where then served in an executive role bringing a jobs-to-be-done perspective to focus product strategy. Known as a pioneer of deep-learning-as-a-service and transactionally authored training and inference on multi-modal datasets, Gonzo authored The AI Manifesto for Applied Artificial Intelligence Development and has multiple ML patents.

In this episode of the Winning With Data podcast, David “Gonzo” González from Stealth Startup talks with Jake about the hype surrounding ChatGPT, AI`s role in automation and insights, the history of text-based query, and The Hub and Spoke Model. He discusses that the biggest challenge facing companies today when trying to use software automation is trying to get good, clean data to work with. He stresses the importance of asking good questions and learning how to communicate with AI tools to structure data.

Listen to the full episode here.



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