Sportradar Data Sets Unlocked Within Gemini Sports Analytics’ Cloud AI and Predictive Analytics Tool

Gemini Sports Analytics entered into an agreement with Sportradar that will result in the next generation of sports analytics to empower teams to make faster, better-informed organizational decisions.

Gemini Sports Analytics brings Cloud AI and Automated Machine Learning (ML) technologies into sports. With the inception of Gemini came the mission to enable sports organizations across the world to elevate their decision-making around recruitment, player development, personnel, and other management choices. Gemini empowers organizations by delivering prescriptive data analytics to users, increasing data scientists’ productivity, and enabling high-level decision-makers to better impact game-changing outcomes.

Sportradar procures sports data and content from a variety of sources, including from and for the benefit of major leagues and federations. Sportradar data sets are now unlocked and enabled within the Gemini Sports Analytics web application, providing users with even more intelligence to enable better decision-making for sports executives.

Of the new alliance, Gemini Head of Engineering Troy Carter says,

“During my time working in the NBA, we were constantly searching for the good, quality data necessary to answer the pivotal questions presented by our coaching and front office staff.  We are excited to bring Sportradar’s vast and diverse warehouse of sports data to Gemini and enable our clients to hit the ground running.”

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