Strategic Capital in Sports is Especially Important. 3 Reasons Why:

Miami is the new epicenter of tech, thanks to Mayor Francis Suarez and pioneers such as Keith RaboisMarcelo Claure, and Jeff Ransdell. This is a city where visionaries rub shoulders with athletes and artists, and folks like Alexis Ohanian mix ideas with Virgil Abloh (RIP!) and Marell Evans

It’s called the Magic City for a reason, and we’re in it for the long game, focusing on strategic capital partners who can grow with us. Here are 3 reasons why. 

1: Sports Industry is Extremely Nuanced

A certain skillset is built from spending a career working in professional sporting environments, and when our investors have shared that time in the facility, certain synergies are obvious:  

-Feedback loops embedded with specific sports expertise

-Ability to be more decisive and turn insights into action faster without requiring as much context setting

-Increased distribution velocity and scalability through trusted industry relationship networks

2: Strategic Capital Takes You Where You Want to Go. Faster.

Sports people get it–they understand the problems we are solving because of first-hand experience. The pain points are shared as is the desire for smart solutions with an emphasis on understanding what’s feasible within the industry. 

3: A Collaborative, Competitive and Team Oriented Mindset

The more time spent in a facility, the more appreciation you develop for how far deeply committed teams can go. As one example, new investment group Drive by DraftKings features ownership figures of at least four different sports organizations. Clearly, they have competing goals but the secret sauce is in how insights get put to use, the people they hire, and the cultures those leaders instill…these guys get it: collaborative access to leading technologies doesn’t level the playing field, it levels UP for all involved. 

Innovators love to disrupt; many are ready to change how sports teams use data. 

Who is with us?



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