What My Dog Taught Me About Being A Good Founder

9 weeks ago, I spent 3 days in the hospital because a dog attacked my one-year-old Catahoula named Maverick, and as any dog lover would, I stepped in to protect my best friend!

The experience gave me time to reflect on how awesome he is, what I’ve learned from him and how it applies to being a start-up founder:

1 – Humble confidence

Don’t underestimate humility, honesty and transparency for weakness

2 – Continuous improvement

Commit to honing your craft…he works hard to be the best stick chaser in the park, get to the ball first etc. A founder is always learning new skills, just like Maverick wants to be ‘the goodest boy’

3 – Self-sufficient

Know how to handle the things you can handle on your own vs when and where to make requests of the people around you

4 – Empathetic

Always thinking of others, how they’re doing and how he can pick them up when they’re having a rough day etc

5 – Very popular with some dogs but not so much with others…and that’s ok

As Seth Godin would say – “That’s ok, it’s not for you.” – you can’t be for everyone because then you’re not for anyone

6 – Observant

There are times to make things happen and there are times to let resources come to you but it’s always important to observe your surroundings at all times and make wise decisions accordingly

7 – Embraces structure + process

Does really well with boundaries / rules and is always coachable

8 – Curious

Sniffing for bones is like having strong opinions, loosely held: A founder is always evolving their mental models!

I could go on for days about how Maverick lives a great life largely due to his approach to it all. The takeaway, as a founder, is to be more like Maverick.



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