Winning With Data Episode 4: Eva Murray and Alec Coughlin on Being Empowered By Data

Winning With Data Episode 4: Empowered By Data with Eva Murray (Lead Evangelist at Snowflake) and Alec Coughlin (Client Partner at LivePerson) discussing how to stimulate curiosity and the power of AI in maturing operations.

Eva Murray is the Lead Evangelist for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) at Snowflake Data Cloud (close partners of GSA) and Coaching Director at Stride Career Coaching. Previously Head of Business Intelligence at Exasol. Eva was Co-Leader of social data project #MakeoverMonday from 2017-2021, author of #MakeoverMonday (with Andy Kriebel) Empowered by Data, and Football Intelligence, and has been a keynote speaker at the Opta Forum. She is generally considered a global expert in both data visualization and AI applications for organizational maturation.

Alec Coughlin is a Client Partner for LivePerson, a customer engagement organization that was named by Fast Company as the #1 most innovative AI company in the world. Previous roles include executive positions at William Morris Endeavor, Publicis.Sapient, founding Ludlow Grow in 2019 and ATC Capital in 2010, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the St Louis Rams. His focus, no matter where he has gone in his career, has been on how humans can do their best while being enabled, supported and enhanced by machines doing what they do best.

Listen to the new episode here! Winning With Data Episode 4



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