Winning With Data Episode 6: Alec Coughlin on AI’s Competitive Edge

Episode 6 of the Winning With Data podcast is live!

Alec Coughlin is a Client Partner for LivePerson, a customer engagement organization that was named by Fast Company as the #1 most innovative AI company in the world. A proponent of the phrase “humans + machines,” he believes that humans and machines should work together to create value in the spaces they are best suited for. Alec has previously held roles including executive positions at William Morris Endeavor, Publicis.Sapient, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the St Louis Rams. A founder as well as a visionary, he created Ludlow Grow in 2019 and ATC Capital in 2010, two businesses focused on growth strategy and utilizing technology to aid ventures.

In this episode of the Winning With Data podcast, Alec Coughlin from LivePerson returns to talk with Jake about what changed after November 30th, the day of ChatGPT’s release into the public space. Everyone has the ability to learn the powers of AI, so finding the right ways to leverage it for business value is worthwhile Alec talks about the importance of creating a shared language throughout an organization to discuss machine learning and AI so the business and technical sides of a team can both be included. He also discusses the balance of organizations working with private data in shared spaces, like working with competitors in using the same software vendor. He remarks that finding the right place between privacy and competitive edge takes careful maneuvering by any sports organization.

Listen to the full episode here.



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