Winning With Data Episode 7: Joseph Simmonds on Feild Scouting in the EPL

Episode 7 of the Winning With Data podcast is live!

Joseph Simmonds is an experienced European football scout with over 10 years in the industry. Currently working for Watford Football Club, his past roles have included being a Senior Scout at Crystal Palace Football Club, an Emerging Talent Scout at Southampton Football Club, and a Technical Analyst and Scout at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. On top of his current scouting work for Watford, he also works as a consultant to provide detailed and expert knowledge on technical, analytical, and live scouting reports for clubs and organizations.

In this episode of the Winning With Data podcast, Joseph Simmonds talks with Jake about the challenges that clubs face when trying to implement data analytics to field scouting. They discuss the cost and implementation challenges of platform integrations and the pursuit of balance towards player-team fits.

Listen to the full episode here.



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